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Super PewterWe pride ourselves in not only producing some of the highest quality Royals in terms of both health and appearance, but also providing our customers with a consistently high standard of expert help and advice. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you do decide to purchase any of our stock you can count on us always being available for any after-sales care you may need.

We were first drawn into Royal breeding back in 2003. It was a time when, although having already been established for a number of years, the colour Royal morph market had just started to pick up in popularity. Our first venture was the purchase of a small male Albino and a pair of Pastels. From here we continued by investing in a Spider and a Mojave, as well as a pair of Piebalds, an Axanthic and a pair of Lesser Platinums. This formed the basis of our founding stock. When investing in new breeding stock we always went out of our way to pick what we considered to be snakes of the highest possible quality, sourcing from some of the World's most respected and renowned breeders. Our philosophy has always been that high quality breeding stock allows us to produce babies of a very high standard. Over the years this has - in our eyes at least - proven to be right.

It has been 7 eventful years for us, during which time we set up our facility specifically to allow for optimum environmental control, hoping this would provide optimum breeding results. Happily this seems to be the case. There is, however, never any accounting for the actual odds of genetics, which have led us to some remarkable achievements, such as producing the second Super Pewter in the World, as well as some rather disappointing outcomes. However this is all part of the excitement of Royal breeding - the hoping and the anticipation of the babies, and yes, sometimes you may luck out with all the lowest possible results, but just as easily you could produce an amazing assortment of some truly stunning high end morphs! Either way, just when you think you've experienced it all, nature will throw something new and unexpected your way.

Overall we just can't express how captivating this hobby is! We still feel very privileged to be able to work with these amazing snakes, and we hope that you will find it as exciting and rewarding as we ourselves have! Good luck everyone with all your breeding plans!